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New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
Child Support Arrearages Law - P.L. 1996 c. 7

December 12, 1997 - Effective immediately an addendum must be completed and returned with producer license applications. Failure to complete the form will result in delays in the processing of the applications.

The Child Support Arrearages Law (P.L. 1996 c. 7) requires this Department to collect the social security numbers of all licensees to be used to assist the Department of Human Services in identifying those individuals who may be subject to a suspension.

The Law aids in the collection of child support payments by requiring the suspension of all business and professional licenses for those individuals who have a court ordered child support obligation and who are currently at least six months in arrears or who are subject of a child support related warrant.

In addition, this Department requests the use of social security numbers for a purpose other than compliance with P.L. 1996 c.7. This Department is currently working with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ("NAIC") to develop a national producer database which, when fully implemented, will benefit both regulators and licensees. This database, which will be used by the Producer Information Network ("PIN"), will allow automated agent appointments, certifications and licensing. PIN will eliminate delays and paperwork. Social security numbers will not become public record; they will be used only for regulatory and licensing identification purposes. New Jersey can participate in PIN only if our licensee database contains, and we have permission to use, producers' social security numbers. Once we are included in the producer database license status requests will be fulfilled promptly through the Producer Information Network.