State of the Basin 2013: Landscape
The Delaware River Basin Landscape

NOAA Coastal Services Center Basin Land Cover 2006.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Coastal Services Center (CSC) Basin Land Cover, 2006

Fast Facts
  • Basin size: 13,500 square miles
  • In-basin Population: 8.3 million (2010)
  • Nearly 500,000 new people since 2000
  • Projected: 9 million by 2030
  • Every 1 million people adds ~100 million gallons daily to public water supply & wastewater treatment needs
  • Development & people are concentrated in the Lower Basin Region (red on map)
  • Forests (green on map) are important for water supply and quality and are still dominant in upper basin and most headwaters
  • Freshwater and tidal wetlands (aqua on map) provide specialized habitat and flood protection

Did You Know? Forested land is being converted to other uses at a rate of 3,147 acres - or 2,400 football fields - a year!

Learn more about the basin's population and landscape characteristics (pdf 8.15 MB; TREB Ch. 1)
Learn more about the basin's aquatic habitats (pdf 16 MB; TREB Ch. 5)