New Jersey Department of Education

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School Finance

The Office of School Finance is responsible for the development and administration of fiscal standards and other initiatives to promote or achieve efficiency within public schools; the administration of the state aid system for schools in accordance with applicable statutes; the development and maintenance of fiscal policy for all public school districts; and the development and maintenance of procedures for safe and efficient student transportation services.


  • FY 2023 Estimated Charter Per Pupil Amounts by Grade Level.
  • This spreadsheet is provided as a resource to charter applicants and sending districts. This document provides estimated pass through per-pupil amounts pursuant to School Funding Reform Act of 2008 for each resident district, by grade level, for each student that attends a charter school. Note that these figures are only estimates, and actual amounts may be different. The figures should be used for budget planning purposes by both the sending school district and receiving charter school. Formal notices will be provided to all approved charter schools and their sending districts. Click here to view the Estimated Per Pupil Amount by Grade Level Spreadsheet (PDF)

  • 2024-25 State Aid
  • School Funding Reform Act