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School Finance

Budget Review and Fiscal Monitoring


4/30/08 – The results of the performance audits conducted in all 31 districts formerly known as Abbotts are now available on the New Jersey Department of Education web site.  Each audit contains a district response and general departmental response.  The information reviewed by the auditors is from the 2004-05 and 2005-06 school years. 

The audits, which were ordered by the New Jersey Supreme Court, included assessments of the quality of the internal controls in key areas in each district, along with analyses of the historical expenditures and a review of selected purchase orders.

Please note that the audits for Jersey City, Paterson, Newark and Camden, conducted by auditors from KPMG LLP of New York, were made publicly available last year.  The audits of 25 of the remaining 27 districts were also conducted by KPMG, while the audits of New Brunswick and Phillipsburg were conducted by auditors from Wiss & Company, LLP of Livingston, NJ.