Cancer Risk Factors

Cancer is a group of more than 100 different diseases, each with its own set of risk factors. Gender, race, and personal and family medical history are risk factors for cancer. Additionally, the risk of developing cancer increases as we age. Other risk factors are largely related to lifestyle choices, while certain infections, occupational exposures and some environmental factors can also be related to developing cancer.

Learn more with our fact sheets on Cancer Risk Factors and the Lifetime Risk of Cancer in New Jersey.

Concerns About Cancer

The Cancer Inquiry Unit responds to cancer concerns from the public by providing information regarding specific cancers and risk factors. Cancer is very common, affecting about 38% of men and women in the United States over their lifetime. Cancer is a group of over 100 different diseases, each with a different set of risk factors. Cancers may be caused by a variety of factors acting alone or together, usually over a period of many years.

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Last Reviewed: 4/11/2023