System of Payment and Family Cost Participation

Families who participate in the NJEIS may have a cost for some of the IFSP services they receive. A family’s cost participation (co-pay) is determined by household income and size and is on a sliding fee scale.  There are 5 services provided at public expense:

  1. Evaluation and assessment,
  2. Development and Review of an IFSP,
  3. Service Coordination
  4. Procedural Safeguards, and
  5. Child Find activities
Family Cost Participation Table

If a family’s income is below 300% Federal Poverty Level (FPL), they will have no cost participation. A family’s co-pay will never exceed the actual hourly cost of service. If the family size is greater than 8, call DOH-NJEIS for the family’s monthly cost participation.

A family may estimate their co-payment by calculating wages/fees/commissions, interest, dividends, pensions, annuities, IRA withdrawals, and other personal and business income and then using the total, locate that amount on the appropriate Family Cost Participation Table (SFY2021) effective July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 or the Family Cost Participation Table (SFY2022 V2.0 ), effective July 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021 or the Family Cost Participation Table (SFY2022 v3.0), effective January 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022 and then referring to the appropriate family size for the family’s estimated hourly co-payment . This only serves as an estimate of the family co-pay pending an NJEIS determined income and co-pay provided through the Family Cost Participation Notice which then serves as the basis for billing.

If a family’s income exceeds the highest income level on the table, the hourly co-pay will be the actual cost of the service based on the NJEIS Provider Rates. 



Extraordinary Expenses Adjustment

Families with extraordinary medical expenses totaling five percent or more of their household income can apply for an adjustment to qualify for reduced cost or free Early Intervention Services.

Last Reviewed: 12/22/2021