PREP Funding

PREP funding was authorized by Congress in the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Allotment calculations for each State are based upon the Bureau of Census data on the number of 10-19 year olds in the State. In December 2015, Congress passed the FY2016 Omnibus Appropriations Bill that funded Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) Programs at $101 million (level funding) to implement evidence-based programs.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP)

Teenage pregnancy is an important public health issue that effects our entire population being associated with negative consequences for teen parents, their children, families and communities. There are multiple risk factors for teen mothers and their babies including: 

  • Lower birth weights
  • Increased infant mortality
  • An increased risk of hospital admission in early childhood
  • Less supportive home environments
  • Poorer cognitive development
  • A higher risk of becoming pregnant themselves as teenagers, if female

In addition, teen mothers are more socially isolated than other teenagers, are more prone to mental health issues including postpartum depression and have fewer educational and employment opportunities due to the difficulty in balancing responsibilities of being a student and a parent.


TPP is a project administered by adolescent health.  Grantees not only engage in pregnancy prevention with teens, but also public health messaging that supports sexual risk avoidance and risk reduction strategies.  In addition, there are school and community based social opportunities and positive youth development activities, helping teens develop the social and emotional skills necessary to be resilient and successful adults.

New Jersey is ranked 4 out of 50 in teen birth rate and 18 out of 50 in the teen pregnancy rate, however NJ ranks 5 out of 50 in the decline of the teen birth rate which means although declining, that decline is slower than other states. (1 is the lowest and 50 is the highest).

NJ PREP- Personal Responsibility Education Program

NJ PREP is a school- and community-based comprehensive sexual health education program that includes abstinence, contraception, reproductive and sexual health. PREP replicates evidence-based and medically accurate programs proven effective in reducing sexual risk behaviors such as unprotected sex, or encouraging other methods of safer sex to 10-19-year-old youth for making healthy decisions about their sexual behaviors.

Funding also provides education on at least three of the following adult preparation topics: healthy relationships; positive adolescent development; financial literacy; parent-child communication skills; education and employment preparation skills and healthy life skills.

Grantees implement one or more of three selected evidence based programs proven to reduce the risk of teen pregnancy.  Models include Making Proud Choices, Reducing the Risk and Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP®). Grantees engage/educate adolescents on sexual health and adolescent development, healthy relationships and parent child communication, in addition grantees provide referrals to reproductive and general health services and as well as support services to teens, parents and professionals serving youth in their facilities.

NJ AEP- Title V Abstinence Education Program

NJ AEP is a primary prevention strategy providing sexual risk avoidance program to 10 to 19-year-olds; programs are medically accurate and provide the knowledge and skills to delay the initiation of sexual activity and make healthy decisions and positive choices to meet their future life goals. 

NJ AEP grantees provide medically accurate sexual health education and youth development opportunities to all adolescents participating in their programs.  This includes, community service learning, youth summits and special projects that help adolescent develop high self-esteem and build self-efficacy.

Last Reviewed: 3/17/2017