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· WIC offers choices for nutrition education

· NJ WIC Online for WIC education and much more

· WIC Shopper has recipes and tips to help your family


For Moms and Moms to Be Nutrition Information and Resources

Women (Pregnant, Breastfeeding and Postpartum) Pregnant

Common Complaints (Eng), Common Complaints (Spa), Pregnancy Fact Sheet

Wellness Tips Brochure (Eng/Spa)

Infants and Children 

What baby is trying to tell you

WIC Amazing Kids!


Infant feeding guide

English, Spanish, ArabicVietnameseBengalesePortugueseHaitianKorean

Foods for your child ( 1-3)  Eng/SP/Arabic

EnglishSpanish, Arabic

Foods for your child ( 4-6)  Eng/SP/Arabic

EnglishSpanish, Arabic


General Health/Nutrition

Healthy Foods (Spanish)

WIC Iron Handout (English)

WIC Iron Handout (Spanish)

Substance Abuse Handout

Last Reviewed: 7/29/2021