Making Sense of Health Services

For many New Jersey residents, understanding and obtaining information related to matters of health and health care can be frustrating and time consuming. This website, operated by the New Jersey Department of Health, is intended to make it a little bit easier. On this page and on the pages accessible through the menu above, you will be able to locate easily the most frequently sought services and resources offered by the Department of Health and its partners.

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Services for Seniors

The State of New Jersey provides assistance with health care to senior residents through the Division of Aging Services. Many of its services are accessible through the ADRC (Aging & Disability Resource Connection) portal, which is operated through a partnership between the state and the 21 county-affiliated agencies that assist seniors throughout New Jersey. Click the ADRC logo to learn more.

File a Complaint

Filing an effective complaint depends on ensuring your concerns are received by the correct personnel. Get started here.

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Palliative and End of Life Care

Planning for end-of-life care is important for ensuring that your medical preferences are properly carried out by your health care provider. These resources are designed to make end-of-life decisions clear so that loved ones and medical professionals know what steps should be taken on your behalf.

Palliative and End of Life Care


Last Reviewed: 10/29/2018