For Patients & Their Families

The Hospital Performance Report

How good is a hospital at making its patients well? We hope to help you answer that question with our Hospital Performance Report. The Hospital Performance Report includes clinical performance data collected by all the acute care hospitals in New Jersey.

How Well Is Your Health Care Facility Staffed?

An adequate ratio of nurses to patients is one of the most important factors in ensuring high quality patient care in hospitals and nursing homes. Learn more about how well your health care facility is staffed.

Finding or Learning More About a Doctor

The State of New Jersey, the federal government, and the American Medical Assocation provide several excellent resources to help you select and research your doctors. Learn more.

Cardiac & Stroke Services

A wide range of services for stroke, cardiac surgery, and cardiac catheterization are available in New Jersey.

Your Safety as a Patient

For most of your life, you are the person best positioned to advocate for your own health. Help prepare for that responsibility with these guidelines from the New Jersey Department of Health.

Your Rights as a Patient

People receiving care in New Jersey hospitals have clearly defined rights as patients. Learn more about those rights here, or file a complaint.

Last Reviewed: 5/23/2023