Hospital Performance Report

The Hospital Performance Report

The Department of Health first published the Hospital Performance Report in 2004. By publically reporting the measures in this report, the Department intends to accomplish three important goals:

  • To provide consumers with a picture of how well individual New Jersey hospitals deliver quality healthcare to their patients so that, as patients, they can make informed decisions about choosing a hospital.
  • To improve the quality of care delivered in New Jersey by promoting healthy competition among hospitals to better their performance compared to other hospitals and to the nation.
  • For hospitals to develop awareness of how they are doing compared to their peers, both statewide and nationwide, so that they can identify areas that need improvement in order to deliver the best care to their patients.

Data in the report are for all New Jersey acute care hospitals for 2019, the most recent data available at the time of publishing (2021). 

The interactive website has been updated to reflect data from 2020 for PSIs.

HPR Report

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Last Reviewed: 5/2/2022