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NJ Hospital Discharge Data Collection System (NJDDCS)

The State of NJ has collected utilization data on hospital inpatients since 1976. Learn more about the types of data that are available to qualified researchers and the general public.

Cardiac & Stroke Services

New Jersey hospitals are required to submit data to the Department of Health on each patient undergoing open heart surgery, cardiac catheterization, and stroke patients. The Department compiles, monitors, and publishes reports on some of the data for public use.

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Patient Safety Reporting System

Under the requirements of the New Jersey Patient Safety Act, all healthcare facilities in New Jersey are required to report medical errors or adverse events to the Department. This system is confidential and the site is intended only for health care professionals who want to know how to report an event confidentially to the Department.

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Nurse to Patient Staffing

New Jersey law requires hospitals and nursing homes to compile and report information on the number of staff involved in direct patient care.

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Hospital Performance Report

The Hospital Performance Report includes clinical performance data collected by all the acute care hospitals in the state. The report contains data on:

Quality Indicators (QI)

Quality Indicators (QI) are measures developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to help hospitals identify potential areas of concern within the hospital or the hospital’s community.  NJDOH applies the AHRQ tools to NJ data.

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Last Reviewed: 11/1/2022