Facility Types

The New Jersey Department of Health licenses many different types of facilities. Definitions for each are provided below.

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Adult Day Care Services

Provides preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services under medical and nursing supervision for functionally impaired adult participants. Adult day care service facilities provide services which do not exceed 12 hours a day

Alternate Family Care

A contractual arrangement whereby no more than three persons receive room, board, personal care and other health care services in the home of an unrelated individual who has been approved by a sponsor agency and trained to provide the necessary caregiving

Ambulatory Care Facility

Provides preventative, diagnostic, and treatment services to persons who come to the facility to receive services and depart from the facility on the same day

Ambulatory Surgery

A surgical facility in which ambulatory surgical cases are performed and which is licensed as an ambulatory surgery facility, separate and apart from any other facility license. (The ambulatory surgery facility may be physically connected to another l