Nursing Home Administrators

New Jersey licenses nursing home administrators to ensure the highest level of care for residents

There are several steps needed toward gaining a license as a nursing home administrator, outlined below:

  1. Download, print and complete license application forms.
    Download NH-1- Application for Nursing Home Administrator License
    Download NH-6 - Request for Reciprocity Verification of Out-of-State Licensure Status 
    Download NH-8 - Application for Approval of Administrative Intern Program
    Download NH-9 - Quarterly Progress Report for Nursing Home Administrative Intern Program
    Download NH-10 - Certification of Program Completion for Nursing Home Administrative Intern Program  

  2. Please pay the non-refundable application fee of $100 through our online payment system. Print the payment confirmation page or the confirmation e-mail as proof of payment. Applications that arrive without proof of payment will not be processed.

  3. Create an application packet which includes:
    • The completed NH-1 and NH-8 forms
    • Proof of payment of the $100 application fee
    • An official college transcript
    • Three letters of reference (other than from your administrator)

  4. Send the complete application packet to the New Jersey Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board

    Mailing Address (Regular mail only):
    PO Box 358
    Trenton, NJ 08625

    Overnight Services Address (FedEx or UPS):
    120 South Stockton St.
    3rd Floor
    Trenton, NJ 08611

    Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board also can be contacted at (609) 633-9706.
What happens after I apply?

Following the Board’s review, you will receive a copy of your Application for Approval of the Administrative Intern Program (AIP) indicating approval of your AIP. No applicant can begin any aspect of the AIP program without prior Board approval.

How do I apply for and take the exam?

Instructions for completing the exam application and the required background check will be sent when the Board receives certification that the AIP form has been completed. The application to take the licensing exam is completed online. Please do not apply to take the exam until you receive the instructions from the Board.

100-hour Course Information

First time applicants must successfully complete 100 course hours relevant to nursing home administration. Some potential sponsors for this course are shown below.

Longtree & Associates, LLC
NAB Academic Accreditation Program
Healthcare Association of New Jersey


Ethics for Nursing Home Administrators: Required Continuing Education

New Jersey administrators are required to complete an ethics course specifically for Nursing Home Administrators.

Last Reviewed: 5/4/2022