Free Medications for Individuals with HIV/AIDS

AIDS Drug Distribution Program (ADDP)

What is ADDP?

The AIDS Drug Distribution Program provides life-sustaining and life-prolonging medications to low income individuals with no other source of payment for these drugs.

Notwithstanding the provisions of any law or regulation to the contrary, the amount hereinabove appropriated for the AIDS Drug Distribution Program shall be conditioned upon the following provision: the annual income eligibility for participation in this program shall not exceed 500% of federal poverty level. No funds shall be expended for recipients earning greater than 500% of the federal poverty level.

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How do I qualify?

Residency: You must be a New Jersey resident 30 days prior to the date of your application.

Income: Your annual income must NOT EXCEED 500 percent (i.e., five times) of the federal poverty guideline for your household. For example, if the federal poverty guideline for your three person household is $20,000, your household income can not exceed $100,000.

Medical Certification: You must present a letter from a physician that certifies the medical necessity of receiving the covered medication(s).

Consent: You must sign a consent form which attests to the accuracy of the information and allows for verification.

Other Insurance: If you have other forms of reimbursement through private insurance you may not be eligible for our program unless you have received the maximum benefits allowable under the plan.

ADDP Income Limits 2023
Household number
Income Level 500%
1   $72,900
2   $98,600
3 $124,300
4 $150,000
5 $175,700

Add an additional $25,700 for every additional person in the household.

$58,320 = 400%

0-4 qualify for tax credit

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What drugs are covered?

The program covers a wide range of FDA-approved medications for treating individuals with HIV and AIDS. Your doctor or clinic will tell you which of the approved drugs are appropriate for you.

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Where do I get my medications?

You can get your medications free of charge from any Medicaid Eligible Pharmacy/Pharmacist in New Jersey.

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How do I apply?
  1. Call 1 (877) 613-4533 to get an application;
  2. Ask your case manager;
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Last Reviewed: 3/31/2023