About Integrated Health

The Integrated Health Services branch is designed to increase efficiency, coordination and integration of the state’s mental health and addiction prevention and treatment programs with the delivery of primary healthcare, including chronic disease prevention, treatment and management. It comprises two divisions: the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Division of Community Health Services.

Vision Statement

Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services

DMHAS is the state mental health authority (SMHA) and the Single State Authority on Substance Abuse (SSA) that plans, monitors, evaluates and regulates New Jersey's mental health and substance abuse prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery efforts.

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Advisory Panel

To advance the goal of integration, the Department established an Integrated Health Advisory Panel with expertise in clinical services, medical care, policy, legal issues, and technology.

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The Department has provided this guidance to facilitate the integration of outpatient care for physical, mental health, and substance use disorder facilities licensed by the Department.

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Last Reviewed: 8/23/2018