Maternal Health Hospital Report Card 2016

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  • How to use this Report?
    This report is not intended as a decision-making tool. It provides important information on maternal health care provided in New Jersey licensed birthing general acute care hospitals. In determining the best hospital for you, you may review information provided in this report. We strongly suggest that you discuss your specific healthcare needs with your healthcare provider.

  • Number of mothers that had babies in NJ hospitals in 2016:
    • 98k

  • Percent of moms that experienced surgical/cesarean births in 2016:
    • 35.7%

  • Percent of moms that experienced NTSV surgical/cesarean births in 2016:
    • 30.3%
    • What does NTSV mean?
      • First time mother (Nulliparous)
      • Fetus has completed 37 weeks or more gestation (Term)
      • One fetus (Singleton)
      • Head-first presentation at delivery (Vertex)

  • New Jersey NTSV Surgical/Cesarean Birth Rates by Hospital
Last Reviewed: 9/3/2020