Public Health Infrastructure, Laboratories & Emergency Preparedness


The Division of Public Health Infrastructure, Laboratories and Emergency Preparedness (PHILEP) provides strategic and operational leadership to coordinate New Jersey’s local public health agencies, laboratory services and emergency preparedness and response.

The Division oversees the Office of Disaster ResilienceOffice of Emergency Medical Services and the Public Health and Environmental Laboratories.

For preparedness activities, PHILEP programs also interact with other government agencies on the federal, state, county and local levels. We also partner with private and non-profit sector organizations.

Contact Phone Numbers

To report illnesses, dead animals and/or health emergencies, call your local health department. If your local health department is unavailable, contact the New Jersey Department of Health: 609-826-4872 and 609-826-5964 daily Monday through Friday;  609-392-2020 Nights, Weekends and Holidays  (Infectious Disease Emergencies)

Accidental poisoning Call 1-800-222-1222 to reach the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System

During Public Health Emergencies

  • To contact the New Jersey Department of Health for Public Health Emergencies, call 609-392-2020.
  • NJ Disaster Mental Health Helpline
    877-294-HELP  (877-294-4357)
    877-294-4356 TTY


Last Reviewed: 8/23/2022