State of New Jersey
Executive Order #33

Governor James J. Florio

Expands Executive Order #4 (Florio)

WHEREAS, State Government is entrusted with the responsibility to manage operations in a manner that carefully conserves taxpayer dollars; and

WHEREAS, by Executive Order No. 4, the State's car fleet has been reduced in furtherance of this responsibility to taxpayers; and

WHEREAS, the State must continue to provide a diverse fleet of vehicles, including certain passenger cars, police cars, vans, pick-up trucks, dump trucks, as well as snow removal, landscape and heavy construction equipment to support necessary State services; and

WHEREAS, the cost of acquiring and maintaining the State's essential fleet of vehicles constitutes a public expense; and

WHEREAS, the assignment, use, and maintenance of all State vehicles must be scrutinized to ensure that the fleet size is appropriate to meet legitimate program needs and that it is managed in the most cost-efficient manner; and

WHEREAS, the Governor's Management Review Commission has undertaken an operational review of the maintenance and use of State vehicles and has found that the present decentralized fleet management practices have led to duplicative and inconsistent programs within the agencies that currently manage, maintain, and repair State vehicles; and

WHEREAS, the Governor's Management Review Commission has also suggested that 29 of the State's 71 existing vehicle maintenance facilities can accommodate the State's entire vehicle maintenance needs; and

WHEREAS, increased consolidation of the supervision, control and maintenance of State-owned and leased vehicles will eliminate duplication, standardize policy, increase efficiency and substantially reduce costs; and

WHEREAS, the Governor's Management Review Commission has determined that the Central Motor Pool agency, within the Department of Treasury, can efficiently manage, maintain, and repair the State vehicle fleet;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JAMES J. FLORIO, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the Statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

1. The Department of Treasury shall:

a) assume title of all State-owned vehicles, and management, control, and supervision of all State-owned and leased vehicles;

b) assume control and management over all State vehicle maintenance, fueling and repair facilities and, through the Central Motor Pool Agency, be responsible and accountable for managing all of those facilities as are determined to be necessary; and

c) implement the consolidation of the State vehicle maintenance and fueling facilities as outlined and recommended by the Governor's Management Review Commission.

For purposes of this Order, "vehicle" means any device which is required to be registered with or licensed by the Division of Motor Vehicles, except water craft.

2. In developing a plan to implement the consolidation of motor vehicle maintenance and fueling facilities, the Department of Treasury shall:

a) consult with all affected State departments and agencies;

b) thoroughly review the impact of the plan upon State personnel and, where possible, achieve reductions in personnel through attrition; and

c) assure that the quality and reliability of public and life safety services provided to the citizens of the State are maintained or improved.

3. The State Treasurer shall issue guidelines and promulgate rules or regulations as may be necessary to assure the proper assignment, use and maintenance of State owned and leased vehicles.

4. The Department of Treasury shall complete consolidation of the operation of motor vehicle maintenance and fueling facilities no later than 18 months from the effective date of this Order.

5. Each department, division, office or agency of the State is authorized and directed, to the extent not inconsistent with law, to cooperate with and assist the Department of Treasury by making available the necessary information, personnel, and support required to carry out the designs of this Order.

6. This Order shall take effect immediately and shall supersede any prior Executive Order to the extent inconsistent with this Order.

GIVEN, under my hand and seal this
7th day of June in the Year of Our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and
ninety-one, and of the Independence
of the United States, the two hundred
and fifteenth.

/s/ James J. Florio


Andrew Weber
Chief Counsel to the Governor