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· TAG's Message
· CSM Message
· 108th Passes First Year Mark in NETTF
· Band of Brothers - and Sisters
· 177th CE Deploys to RAF Mildenhall
· Cavalry MOUTs up at Fort Knox
· 21st CST Go For Hot Zone
· Operation Whirlwind
· Chaplain Beats the Devil out of Soldiers
· News Guard Families Can Use

· Short Rounds
· Army and Air Enlisted Promotions
· Farewell to Brig. Gen. Bell
· Family Assistance Centers & Family Readiness Centers
· Guardlife Information

Guardlife - Volume 31, No. 4

TAG's Message

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Maj. Gen. Glenn K. Rieth (center), The Adjutant General of New Jersey, poses with members of the 108th Air Refueling Wing during the unit's deployment to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. Photo courtesy Maj. Gen. Glenn K. Rieth.

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Why do you stay in the New Jersey National Guard? Some of us stay for a sense of patriotism and duty, others for the camaraderie, others for the important mission we perform and others for the benefits provided to New Jersey National Guard members. Remaining or leaving the National Guard is a very personal decision. Families, employers and the National Guard culture shape the decision we make as individuals and shape the decision our fellow unit members make.

The State Family Readiness Council and ESGR personnel are doing everything possible to improve the lives of our Soldiers and their families. The National Guard culture is an area I want all of you to focus your efforts.

You as an individual member or as a leader in the Guard community impact on the National Guard culture and the retention of members of our units! You must be part
of mission accomplishment in the retention fight.

Camaraderie is built one unit member at a time. Do the members of your unit look out for each other? What have you done to make all members of the organization feel like part of the team? This is the number one reason members stay in the Guard. Make this better in your squadron, section, platoon, battalion or wing and you will be helping the retention fight.

Patriotism and a sense of duty compel members to remain in the Guard. Make sure you and your units recognize members for their outstanding performance and
let the community come to your activities and feel the sense of Patriotism that lives in your units. What have you done to recognize your members' patriotism and exceptional duty performance? Every member of the Guard is a living American Patriot and deserves the respect and gratitude that comes with that honor.

The importance of the National Guard’s mission can not be overstated. Your families, friends and neighbors are counting on us to protect them from harm and to save their lives in times of crisis. Each of us needs to devote our time and effort toward preparing ourselves for Homeland Security and other missions devoted to safety and protection of the citizens of New Jersey. Are your personnel getting the training and support they need? What are you doing to make your personnel and unit ready?

Benefits are provided to Guard personnel because of the service we require from them. Are you aware of the benefits of service? How have you helped your fellow
soldiers learn about or receive National Guard benefits? Are your families aware of the benefits of service? Getting this information to members and their families is critical to the retention decision. Making sure all of our members have the information to make informed decisions is everyone’s mission. The New Jersey National Guard needs our trained and experienced members to remain in the Guard to protect the citizens of New Jersey and America. Each of us is tasked with taking care of family issues, employer issues and making sure that our National Guard culture fosters a positive retention environment.