History of the Badge

New Jersey State Police Badge

The shape of our triangular hat badge and shoulder patch was derived from the three points of our motto "Duty, Honor, Fidelity", revised from the West Point motto of "Duty, Honor, Country." On our badge, this motto is depicted not only by its shape, but also by the star in each corner of the insignia. The hat badge was designed by Newark businessman and jewelry designer, Julius George Schwarzkopf, the father of our founder and first Superintendent.

The current tradition of issuing badge numbers upon graduation from the Academy started with Class #2. The 116 members of the first class listed on "Roll Call" is actually a roster of those who reported to Camp Edwards for training. Although 35 of those men did not graduate, all were issued a badge number(referred to back then as a troop number) and sworn in as Troopers on the first day of camp. During the course of training as each of the 35 left the camp, a personnel order was issued to announce their resignation.

By December 5, 1921 when the Class graduated, 76 members remained. There were actually 81 men who made up Class #1, however the Colonel and his staff were not required to participate in training. They were traveling the State setting up housing and operations. Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf #1(Superintendent), Lt. Othel Baxter #2 (Camp Commandant), Lt. Charles H. Bell #3 (Troop "B" Commander), Lt. Mark O. Kimberling #4 (Adjutant), Lt. John C. Weinmann #5 (Troop "A" Commander).

A side note about the six numbers throughout history that were not issued. In 1921, Senate Bill #74 creating the Constabulary called for a class of 120 Troopers. Four recruits did not show up, so the class was immediately trimmed to 116. Those numbers 117, 118, 119, 120 were listed on the roster as not issued. The most widely known number is the year of our inception, 1921, forever to appear only on our logo.

The final occasion occurred in 1985 when the recruits of the 102nd Class were sent home on a night pass to return with their parents for Family Orientation Day. One recruit failed to return amidst circumstances that called for immediate dismissal. So close to graduation, administratively the new class was in place. Rather than disrupt the completed paperwork, #4043 was listed on our roster as not issued.

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