NJ Criminal History Records Information

Name-Based Checks (records from NJ only)

The SBI 212B Form was developed to provide the following entities with the ability to request New Jersey named-based only criminal history record checks by submitting a subject's name, date of birth, social security number, and other descriptive information:

  • Governmental entities of this State, the federal government or any other state for any official governmental purposes, including, but not limited to, employment, licensing, and the procurement of services;
  • A person or non-governmental entity of any State, that seeks to directly engage the services of the subject of the record, for purposes of determining the subject's qualifications for employment, volunteer work or other performance of services;
  • Private detectives, licensed by the Division of State Police, for the purposes of obtaining information pursuant to their statutorily authorized functions.

If an authorized requester elects to conduct a more thorough check, based on fingerprint comparison, he/she may select one of the fingerprint-based checks described above. The responses will go directly back to the employer address that was listed when making the fingerprint appointment.

The state vendor NICUSA has developed a web based platform to submit the SBI 212B form.


The fee for an SBI 212B online submission is $20, payable by credit or debit card. Valid email addresses must be provided for both the requester (employer) and subject (employee) of the name-based criminal history record check. Payment can be made by either the requester (employer) or the subject (employee), but the subject must consent to the criminal history record check via the online verification process (with the exception of licensed private detectives performing their statutorily authorized functions.) The requester (employer) must initiate the online 212B process for the specific subject (employee). The subject (employee) can NOT initiate the process for the requester (employer).

All Licensed private detectives will need to setup an account on the website prior to submitting SBI 212B requests. It is also strongly suggested but not necessary, that each employer set up an account on the NICUSA 212B portal. Setting up an account through NICUSA will allow users to access name based criminal history background checks electronically. Without an account you will only receive an email of the results and will not be able to obtain a copy. In the near future, setting up an account will be necessary to utilize the name check service.

SBI 212B Forms MAY NOT be used for a person requesting his/her own criminal history record. Anyone wishing to receive his/her own record must submit fingerprints by utilizing one of the methods described above, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 13:59-1 et seq.

Further questions regarding obtaining criminal history record background checks or noncriminal justice licensing/employment checks should be directed to the Criminal Information Unit, (609) 882-2000, extension 2302 or CIU@njsp.org.

Name-Based Volunteer Check (records from NJ only):

If only a name-based criminal history record check is desired, please refer to the SBI 212B Form information listed and the above mentioned link, https://www.njportal.com/njsp/212b/. The fee for name-based volunteer submissions is reduced to $12.
No personal checks will be accepted.

All inquiries should be directed to the Criminal Information Unit, (609) 882-2000, extension 2302 or CIU@njsp.org.

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