How to Use the New Jersey
History Kids Website

Teachers can use the New Jersey History Kids website in one of two ways: either the student can use the website on their own, either at home or in the compute lab; or the teacher could use the site in class using a LCD projector and/or a Smartboard.  The teacher may have to download Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader if these programs are not already on their computers.  Both are free downloads accessible from our HOME page.

Each unit of the New Jersey History Kids website contains a video clip, question sheets, worksheets, and documents, as well as suggestions for the teacher.

The documents, worksheets, and question sheets can be assigned for homework or can be completed in class.  For the in-class completion of the worksheets and question sheets the teacher can either have the entire class answer the questions together or she can break down the class into cooperative learning groups to work together on the questions.  Then the teacher can reconvene the class to go over the answers.

Each “For the Teacher” page contain a synopsis of the video clip, two or more suggested activities (divided into objective, before viewing the program, and after viewing the program), and suggested readings.

The videos and the activities conform to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in Social Studies for grades K through 2 and 3 through 4, revised
October 2204.;c=6

Most of the activities fulfill proficiency skills covered by the NJ ASK 4 proficiency test for Language Arts Literacy.  These skills in reading and writing can be referenced at the following website containing the test specifications:

The following are the “For the Teacher” links:

The Lenape
For the Teacher-Lenape
Lenape Life Question Sheet
A Lenape Creation Story
Lenape Creation Story Question Sheet

For the Teacher-Silk City
Silk City Question Sheet
An Account of a "Mill Dolly"
Mill Dolly Question Sheet

The American Revolution
For the Teacher-The American Revolution
Morristown Question Sheet
George Washington on the Mutiny At Morristown
A Soldier on the Mutiny at Morristown
Mutiny at Morristown Questions

For the Teacher-Invention
Thomas Edison Question Sheet
Sayings of Thomas Alva Edison

For the Teacher-Farming
Howell Farm Question Sheet
Lambertville Directory
Lambertville Directory Worksheet

The State House
For the Teacher-The State House
State House Tour Question Sheet
Who Could Vote … And Who Couldn’t
Legislative District Map Question Sheet

For the Teacher-Immigration
Roosevelt, New Jersey, Question Sheet
Ben Shahn Oral History Interview
Ben Shahn Question Sheet

Underground Railroad
For the Teacher-Underground Railroad
Still Family Reunion Question Sheet
A Description of the Underground Railroad Routes through New Jersey
An Account of the Still Family History Written by Dr. James Still
Dr. James Still Question Sheet

The Pinelands
For the Teacher-The Pinelands
"Fox Chase" Question Sheet

Barnegat Bay
For the Teacher-Barnegat Bay
Duck Decoy Question Sheet

Delaware Bay
For the Teacher-Delaware Bay
Historic Restoration of Schooners Question Sheet