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New Jersey law permits DCF to release records and reports to any person engaged in bona fide research provided that no names or identifying information are made available.

DCF evaluates records and reports requests for research projects that involve primary data collection and secondary data analyses.  Requests are evaluated in the context of DCF's mission to serve New Jersey's vulnerable children and families.

The Research Review Committee is currently accepting new proposals.  The Committee's 2016 meeting schedule as well as corresponding submission due dates for each meeting are as follows:

 September 1, 2016  August 18, 2016
October 6, 2016   September 22, 2016
 November 3, 2016  October 20, 2016
 December 1, 2016  November 17, 2016





For more information on research protocol and procedures:

Research Review Committee Protocol - Overview of Procedures

Application for Proposed Research Projects Involving Access to DCF-affiliated Staff, Programs, Families, Children and Youth 

Application for Proposed Research Projects Involving Existing Client Records or Data