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a century of stewardship-centennial of new jersey state historic sites
State of New Jersey History Fair
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101 Things to do
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101 Things to do at the 2011 NJ State History Fair

  1. Listen to the songs of the American Civil War era
  2. Discover President Grover Cleveland’s birthplace
  3. Speak with an archivist about preserving archival materials such as photographs
  4. Watch a sheep shearing
  5. Meet the woman who will soon appear on our $20 bill
  6. Hear tales from the old State Prison
  7. Watch a 19th century baseball game
  8. See an exact replica of President Lincoln’s casket
  9. Invent like Thomas Edison
  10. Dig with the Archaeological Society of NJ
  11. Learn how WWII enemy ships were tracked offshore without the use of computers
  12. Meet a town crier
  13. Detect artifacts
  14. Learn how the Lenapes prepared and preserved food
  15. Engage Ulysses S. Grant* in conversation about his military & political life
  16. Discover your roots
  17. Ask Mary Hayes McCauley*, aka Molly Pitcher, about the Battle of Monmouth
  18. Participate in period games
  19. Examine exhibits from the state’s historical societies & museums
  20. Meet President Lincoln*
  21. Take your picture with soldiers from five different centuries
  22. Tap your toe to some bluegrass music
  23. Explore the most decorated ship in America -the Battleship New Jersey
  24. Make a watercolor bookmark or trading card
  25. Watch the Wheelmen balance upon the big wheeled Penny Farthing bicycles
  26. Experience the BOOM of cannon fire
  27. Watch a 19th century demonstration of wet-plate photography
  28. Get taken in by Phydeaux’s Flying Flea Circus & Wahoo Medicine Show
  29. Find out why NJ is the “Crossroads of the Revolution”
  30. Explore 330+ years of publically accessible records at the State Archives
  31. Receive Professional Development Credit for NJ school teachers
  32. Purchase some blueberry jam
  33. Watch a blacksmith at work
  34. Discuss colonial politics with Benjamin Franklin*
  35. “Ask Granny” about Genealogy and Hudson County
  36. Dance with the Tricorne Dance Ensemble
  37. Earn advancement requirements for Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
  38. Meet vaudeville actress Mabel Fenton*
  39. Learn about the Revolutionary War sites of the Hudson Valley & their ties to NJ
  40. Discuss military strategies with George Washington*
  41. Plow a furrow & experience horse-power first hand
  42. Get your hands on Fort Mott’s 20th century military equipment
  43. Shell some corn & sow some seed
  44. Watch a video on the Battle of Monmouth
  45. Discover five centuries of New Jersey's history in one place
  46. Try your hand at calligraphy and writing with a quill pen
  47. Purchase a book on NJ’s history
  48. Try your hand at spinning wool
  49. Get to know the Indian King Tavern Museum – where New Jersey was “born”
  50. Tool leather

*actor portrayals

  1. Play Ninepins
  2. Experience the lost art of sidesaddle riding
  3. Discover NJ’s lighthouse and nautical history
  4. Travel through a timeline of automotive history
  5. Learn about the Asbury Park home of author Stephen Crane
  6. Watch someone churn butter
  7. Hear the music of a Civil War era coronet band
  8. See how a colonial brewer made beer
  9. Learn about NJ’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial—the only one of its kind the US
  10. Dress up in 18th & 19th century reproduction clothing
  11. Discover agricultural places that built NJ’s reputation as the Garden State
  12. Learn about Atlantic City’s Chicken Bone Beach and the Jazz Era
  13. Experience a live radio show like those the US Army aired to entertain the troops
  14. Engage Clara Barton* in a conversation about the American Red Cross
  15. Take a selfie in colonial garb
  16. Explore NJ’s firefighting history and apparatus of old
  17. Discover the many uses for cattle horns
  18. Find out how Victorians honored the memories of their loved ones
  19. Learn about the people who explore the paranormal at historic houses
  20. Meet Dr. Still*, the famous 19th century herbalist and ‘Doctor of the Pines’
  21. Listen to music played on a 1920s Victrola phonograph
  22. See the life of a common British soldier during the Revolutionary War
  23. Listen as Walt Whitman*, the “Good Grey Poet” recites the “Song of the Open Road”
  24. Try your hand at gravestone rubbings (mock gravestone)
  25. Ask the Widow Tennent* about her husband’s trip to heaven . . . and his return
  26. Explore the site of the Revolution’s largest Field Artillery battle
  27. Enjoy the sounds of maritime music and song
  28. Engage the senses with pit-hearth cooking
  29. See a book completely written by hand
  30. Find out about Burlington County Park’s Passport Program
  31. Experience life on the high seas through the eyes of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, USN*
  32. Play bocce! and learn about America’s Labor Movement
  33. See a display of train memorabilia
  34. Chat with Canal Boat Capt. “Cappy” Hummel & hear about life on the canal
  35. Meet a Spanish-American soldier
  36. Explore state-of-the-art Visitor Center exhibits
  37. See a Civil War era Honor Guard
  38. Listen to music of the 18th century played on period instruments
  39. See a World War II Cavalry Headquarters
  40. See photographs of the people and places of Trenton from the 17th century to today
  41. Join in a sing-a-long
  42. Learn how a culturally diverse group of people  created the ‘largest vegetable factory on earth’
  43. See a Civil War soldier’s “rest saloon”
  44. Learn about NJ’s horticultural past & its significance
  45. Tickle your taste buds with a purchase of food items at the Food Court
  46. Find out what wool carding is—and see if you can do it
  47. Watch a documentary on NJ’s Civil War Training Camps
  48. See what school was like for children of the 18th century
  49. Find out why Emily Warren Roebling* was called the most famous woman in NJ
  50. Feel like you’re living in another time
  51. Have fun!






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