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School Finance

Prescribed Financial Report

June 26, 2006


Directors, Private Schools for the Disabled




Katherine P. Attwood, Director
Office of Fiscal Policy & Planning, Division of Finance




Annual Information – Fiscal Year 2006-2007 – Private Schools for Students with Disabilities –
Prescribed Financial Report

Adobe Acrobat

Attached please find a copy of the 2006-2007 Prescribed Financial Report for Private Schools for Students with Disabilities.  Please forward this information to the appropriate personnel in the school’s administrative offices including the school business manager and bookkeeper(s). 

KPA:JV/G:\Elise\Annual Information\2006-2007\2006-2007 Financial Report Memo.doc


Isaac Bryant
Albert A. Monillas
William King
Barbara Gantwerk
Yut’se Thomas
Raymond Montgomery
Cecelia Downey
Lisa McCormick
County Superintendents
County School Business Administrators
County Supervisors of Child Study
Judy Vazquez
Jim Verner
Elise Sadler-Williams