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School Finance

Indirect Cost Rate

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Information About 2016-17 Indirect Cost Rate

Applications for 2016-17 Indirect Cost Rate were completed through the June 30, 2015 Audsum submission.  Please see for Audsum information. 

Approved restricted and unrestricted Indirect Cost Rates for use during the 2016-17 grant periods were distributed through DOE Homeroom page.  Please log on to Homeroom to access your rates and supporting schedules. 

Please contact your grant administrator for information about the use of your rate and the ability to charge indirect costs to your federal grants.

Indirect Cost Rate User Manual

Information About 2015-16 Indirect Cost Rate

Applications for 2015-16 Indirect Cost Rate were completed through the December, 2014 Audsum submission.  The following power point presentation offers detailed information on how to complete the Indirect Cost Rate tab in the Audsum. 

Information About 2014-15 Indirect Cost Rate

The Indirect Cost Rates calculated for your district or charter school for 2014-15 can be accessed through NJDOE HOMEROOM page.  Information about charging rates to applicable federal grants can be found in the Indirect Cost Rate User Manual.  Please consult with the guidance issued by the respective federal grants for the allowable expenditures for indirect cost in each grant. 

Archive Information About 2013-14 Indirect Cost Rates

USDOE agreement with NJDOE