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Open Letter to Consumers and Others Related to the CBVI Career Exploration Center in the Newark Service Center

Dear Consumers and Others:

I am writing to share with you news about the existence of a Career Exploration Center that has been established, on a pilot basis, in our Newark Service Center for the benefit of blind, vision-impaired, and deaf-blind consumers who are actively looking for employment or striving to create their own personal small businesses. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with four computer work stations, loaded with Assistive Technology (including magnification, speech, and Braille hardware and software) that may be used to examine career options, create resumes, apply for jobs, and undertake any other research and writing consistent with achieving personal and professional goals. Consumers may schedule time in the Career Exploration Center by contacting their assigned Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors; others who do not currently have a case with the Commission may also apply for services, before taking advantage of this “opportunity lab”.

In general, this Career Exploration Center model envisions that consumers of the agency will be able to manage independently the use of the equipment. This fact notwithstanding, a staff member will always be assigned to be responsible for the Career Exploration Center, and he or she will be available to provide minimal assistance for generic issues. Further, if a member of our Assistive Technology team is in the building while potential troubles are encountered, these staff may be available to be of support. Primarily, though, the Career Exploration Center is meant to be a quiet environment where conscientious consumers may come and undertake the variety of tasks prerequisite to identifying and securing employment.

Scheduling time in this facility is critical, since the Career Exploration Center is also used for hosting structured Employment Preparation Seminars, Employer Training and Education Sessions, and other events calculated to promoting employment opportunities for agency consumers. But we are keen to see increased traffic in the Career Exploration Center so that we can determine its value and make decisions about opening similar facilities in our other Service Centers.

The founding of the Career Exploration Center stems from the imaginative effort of the CBVI Strategic Planning Team devoted to fostering better employment and career services and outcomes for consumers of this agency. Please take advantage of, and spread the word about, this valuable resource. I do not want the Career Exploration Center to be Newark’s best kept secret; instead, I want the CBVI Career Exploration Center to be a welcoming incubator for those who need access to usable technology that will help people to realize their most compelling professional ambitions.

With Kind Regards,

Daniel B. Frye, J.D.
Executive Director
State of New Jersey
Department of Human Services
153 Halsey Street, 6th Floor,
P.O. Box 47017
Newark, NJ 07101
Office: (973) 648-2324 ● Mobile: 973-951-1156 ● Fax: (973) 648-7364

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