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Public Hearings

Wednesday, December 6


The Mays Landing Neighborhood Plan, adopted by the Hamilton Township Planning Board in 2015, incorporates new data and public input and provides recommendations that address flood mitigation and resiliency as well as economic development initiatives, zoning changes, building character and land use changes, circulation and streetscape improvements, historic preservation, and the use of green infrastructure. The plan includes numerous recommendations for implementation, including amendments to zoning boundaries as well as other zoning provisions related to permitted uses and design standards applicable to zoning districts in the Mays Landing area. Ordinance 1858-2017 amends Chapter 203, Land Use and Development, of the Township’s Code by implementing a number of the recommendations made in the Mays Landing Neighborhood Plan. This includes the rezoning of 11 lots from the R-9, GA-L and GC Districts to the Village Commercial (VC) District. Ordinance 1858-2017 also adds “Bed and Breakfasts” as a conditional use in the R-9 and R-22 Districts. The ordinance also revises permitted uses in the VC District to include: bicycle and scooter rental establishments; museums, art galleries and similar uses; theaters; bars, pubs and taverns; and health and exercises facilities. Finally, Ordinance 1858-2017 adds mixed use development as a conditional use in the VC District and requires the redemption of Pinelands Development Credits in any mixed use development proposing five or more residential units. All of the zoning districts and lots affected by Ordinance 1858-2017 are located in the Pinelands Regional Growth Area. As such, the Mays Landing Neighborhood Plan and Ordinance 1858-2017 directly relate to CMP standards and must be formally reviewed and approved by the Pinelands Commission before they may take effect.

The hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. at the Pinelands Commission Office, 15C Springfield Road, New Lisbon, NJ.  Written testimony may be submitted at the hearing or sent directly to the Pinelands Commission, 15C Springfield Rd, P.O. Box 359, New Lisbon, NJ 08064 or via facsimile at (609) 894-7330 or by email through the Commission’s web site at no later than December 13, 2017.  For further information, please call the Pinelands Commission at (609) 894-7300.