NJWELL is a wellness program offered to active employees of the public sector who participate in the State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) or School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) and their covered spouses/partners.

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Our Mission: Healthy Members and Containing Costs - The mission of NJWELL is to cultivate healthy lifestyle choices for active SHBP and SEHBP members to lower health risk factors, improve well being, and ensure that New Jersey's SHBP and SEHBP members are healthy and productive for years to come. And since healthy members typically require less costly health care, NJWELL will help the SHBP and SEHBP contain future costs.

2016 Rewards

You and your covered spouse/partner can start earning rewards now, even if you missed your chance in previous years!

If you earned a second gift card through NJWELL in Year 2, it will be mailed between December 7 and December 31, 2015.

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Biometric Screenings

There are no Biometric Screening events scheduled at this time. Check back in January for screening events for 2016!



Ray Zirilli

Inspiring Wellness Stories

Ray’s story: Air Force Veteran Turns Life Around with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Raymond Zirilli is a US Air Force veteran who lost 90 pounds with gastric sleeve surgery. Here he tells his story and how he resists temptation now, a year and half post-surgery.

When I was in my twenties, I was recently married and had just entered the US Air Force. Married life with my family was very different from the life I had running with my single friends. I became very sedentary on my time off from work and began to see the results of that inactivity. At six-feet tall, my weight rocketed from 165 pounds to 210 pounds in four short months during my USAF basic and technical training.

The military had weight standards. The maximum weight standard for my height was 205 pounds; however, the only time I recall weighing as low as 205 pounds was on weigh-in days. Mandatory weigh-ins in the military are conducted every six months, and in order to make weight, I’d begin a crash diet a month before. After making weight, I’d spend the next five months, mostly sedentary and eating as I pleased.

Of course, I gained even more weight. It fluctuated between 215 pounds and 255 pounds over the next 18 years, and then it ballooned to 285 pounds after leaving the military, where it remained for the next 20 years.