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The NJDA partnered with the Rowan University GeoSpatial Research Lab to provide an open access tool that allows users in the agricultural community to access, view and print soils reports by tax parcel. The tool incorporates a number of components that benefit the farmland assessment process.

Click here to view the mapping tool.

Click here to watch a demonstration video on how to use the mapping tool.

If you need further assistance with the Mapping Tool, you may contact the NJDA at or at 609.913.6490. 

Questions concerning Farmland Assessment specifics may be directed to your municipal assessor.

Farmland Assessment

New Jersey's Farmland Assessment Act, administered by the New Jersey Department of Treasury, provides for lower assessment based on productivity of farmland if it meets specific eligibility criteria. To qualify for the tax assessment reduction, a landowner must have no less than five acres of farmland actively devoted to an agricultural or horticultural use for the two years immediately preceding the tax year being applied for and meet specific minimum gross income requirements based on the productivity of the land.

Farmland Assessment Overview (3,964K PDF)
Overview: What is Farmland Assessment? Minimum Eligibility Requirements, Additional Land Requirements, Definitions, Example Scenarios.

State Farmland Evaluation Committee (FEC)

The FEC reviews Farmland Assessment reports and sets annual tax rates. 

Additional information on farmland productivity values, such as imputed income values from grazing, can also be found in the State Farmland Evaluation Committee's annual land productivity values report.

Farmland Evaluation Committee Meeting Notice for August 9, 2023 meeting

2023 Farmland Evaluation Committee Meeting Agenda

For Farmland Assessment questions, call (609) 913-6621