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Photo of agritourism signs at a farm - Click to enlarge
Farms offering some form of agritourism may participate in the Tourist Oriented Destination Signage program through the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT). 

Under the rule, Title 16, Chapter 41D of the New Jersey Administrative Code, “Agri-tourism” means a style of tourism that offers activities that occur on a farm and are related to the agricultural use of the farm site, including, but not limited to: on-farm sales of agricultural products directly to the consumer, such as roadside farm markets, community farm markets, pick-your own operations, you-cut Christmas trees or wineries; educational activities and tours; entertainment, such as corn mazes, hay rides, seasonal festivals, petting zoo or haunted barns; and outdoor recreation and lodging. This definition recognizes that agriculture includes a broad range of activities including, but not limited to apiaries, aquaculture, fruits and vegetables, grain, dairy, poultry, livestock, equine activities, nurseries and greenhouses.

Agritourism facilities may participate in the TODS program if they are located within 10 miles of the State highway on which the intersection approach sign is erected and are open a minimum of six hours each day, five days a week during their growing or operating season. 

The fee for each sign is $400 annually.

Click here to participate in the DOT's TODS program.

Or call 888-655-6467 or 609-406-9525 for more information.