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In September of 2018, the Highlands Council adopted the Regional Master Plan Addendum 2018-1 setting forth the procedures for Amending the Regional Master Plan (RMP).  Following those procedures, the Highlands Council has voted to release two draft amendments for public comment.  The RMP Amendments include adoption of the Policy Standards for Warehousing in the NJ Highlands Region and an update to the Land Use Capability Zone Map and Technical Report.  Each amendment is summarized below, and a link is provided to the document.  A public notice of the six public hearings required for the amendments can be found here.  In addition, the public comment period will remain open until April 1, 2024. 


Standards for Warehousing in the NJ Highlands Region

The Highlands Council developed Highlands-specific Policy Standards for the siting of warehousing in the Highlands Region. These Standards supplement guidelines issued by the New Jersey State Planning Commission and are intended to provide RMP-based information and criteria for use in development of local transportation plans, land use plans, and governing ordinances on warehousing.  This includes:


  • Highlands Region “No-Go” Siting Locations – Preservation Area, Protection Zone, Conservation Zone, and Environmentally-Constrained Sub-Zones.
  • Potential (“Go”) Siting Locations including Highlands Centers, Highlands Redevelopment Areas and the Existing Community Zone.
  • Warehouse-related design standards, protocols, and site planning procedures needed to properly consider and address site development applications.
  • Transportation network analysis.
  • Proximity and access to transportation infrastructure.
  • Availability of water and wastewater infrastructure.
  • Protection of Highlands resources including forest, agricultural, water, habitat, slopes, historical/cultural/archaeological, and incorporation of stormwater management planning.


Land Use Capability Zone Map and Technical Report Update

Originally adopted in 2008 as part of the RMP and as an associated Technical Report, the Land Use Capability Zone (LUCZ) Map provides the guiding policy map for the RMP.  The LUCZ Map was developed pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:38-1.1(a) whereby the Highlands Council includes in the RMP a land use capability map and a comprehensive statement of policies for planning and managing the development and use of land.  Due to the update of most of the underlying data that the LUCZ Map is based upon the LUCZ map and technical report are being updated, while retaining the majority of the original methodology. The LUCZ Technical Report identifies the Highlands Region as three distinct Zones, within which are four Sub-Zones. 


  • Protection Zone
    • Wildlife Management Sub-Zone
  • Conservation Zone
    • Conservation Environmentally Constrained Sub-Zone
  • Existing Community Zone
    • Existing Community Environmentally Constrained Sub-Zone
    • Lake Community Sub-Zone


Explore changes in the Highlands Interactive Map (See the "Land Use Capability Zone Map Update" group in the "Layers" menu on the left.)