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State Urges Residents to Take All Precautions in Planning for Potential Emergencies

Trenton, NJ—The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) today marked September as National Preparedness Month by advising individuals to be fully prepared in the event of disasters and emergencies.


The recent storms Henri and Ida provide a vivid illustration of the importance of preparing properly for emergencies because once they occur, perhaps quickly with unexpected impacts, it may be too late.


“The most important thing about preparing for an emergency is making a list and ensuring that you are taking into account the need to react to any potential situation,” said NJBPU President Joseph L. Fiordaliso. “The impacts of climate change were evident earlier this month with the remnants of Hurricane Ida leaving behind historic flood and tornado damage, including the tragic loss of life. Being prepared is not a simple exercise. It may be the difference between life and death.”


In preparation for potential power outages during emergencies, keep cell phones and other electronic devices charged and available. Make sure there are extra batteries for flashlights and other devices. Have a hard copy of emergency contact information. Register cell phone numbers with local electric companies and make sure contact information is current so customers can receive any status or safety updates the company might put out during an emergency. Also, be sure to follow the electric company on social media for real-time updates. 


During storms and other types of emergencies, the Board is in constant contact with the utilities to ensure that appropriate resources are being deployed and power is restored as quickly as possible. 


It is vital that people make a plan before disasters or emergencies occur. It is further recommended that people make sure they have adequate emergency supplies. Emergency kits should include enough food and water to last several days, medication (enough for at least three days), face masks and pet supplies.


Another key to dealing with any emergency is practicing drills with your family so you are prepared for any situation. It is also important to have a communication plan, a working knowledge of the disasters and hazards that could affect your area, how to get emergency alerts and where you would go if you need to evacuate. 


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