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State of New Jersey, Civil Service Commission
Governor Phil Murphy • Lt. Governor Tahesha Way

After you have identified the Job Announcement in which you are interested, you should thoroughly review ALL the requirements to make sure you are qualified to compete.

Please keep in mind that all requirements must be completed by the closing date of the Job Announcement. A candidate will be considered ineligible if ANY of the requirements are not met by the closing date.

  • Residency Requirements must be met as of the Job Announcement closing date.
  • Education Requirements
    You must meet the education requirements stated in the Job Announcement by the closing date.

    If the Announcement requires a degree with a major in a particular course of study, your degree must be in that major to qualify. If you have majored in a subject other than what is called for in the Announcement, you must provide a transcript showing you have earned 24 to 30 credits in the subject area listed in the Job Announcement. In addition, you must provide a written statement from the Chair of the Department for the major listed in the Job Announcement explaining that the credits you have earned satisfy the requirements for a degree in the major listed in the Job Announcement. You may submit these materials with your application for consideration. (For example, the Announcement requires a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Your degree is in Education but you have at least 24 credits in Psychology and the head of the Psychology Department of your school has written a letter stating that your college would consider you to have met the requirements for a degree in Psychology).
  • Experience Requirements
    You must meet the experience requirements by the Job Announcement closing date. List all pertinent experience that qualifies you for the position based upon the requirements of the job. In order to get credit for part-time or volunteer work, you must show the number of hours worked per week on your application.
  • Education or Experience Substitution Requirements
    Substitutions for education and experience requirements are allowed only if the requirements section of the job description specifically states that a substitution can be made and what the substitutions are.
  • Licenses and Certifications
    If the Job Announcement requires a license or certification, submit a copy of your license or certification with your application. The license or certification must be current and valid.
  • Driver’s License
    A driver’s license valid in New Jersey is required only if the operation of a motor vehicle is necessary to perform essential duties of the job.
College Transcripts

If the Job Announcement requires a transcript, please submit a copy of your official transcript with your application; unofficial transcripts showing the names of the college and the student will be accepted (the name of the college can be part of the web address). Indicate the title and symbol of the Announcement on your transcript. If the college is directly sending your transcript to the CSC, please inform them to indicate the Job Announcement SYMBOL on the transcript.

Foreign Transcripts

Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a reputable evaluation service at your expense.  You are required to submit a copy of the evaluation with each application that requires a college degree or credits.  Please note that when a position requires a specific degree or course work you will also be required to submit a detailed transcript and evaluation comparison.

Last Date for Filing

Applications must be completed and submitted on-line by the announcement filing deadline listed on the announcement. We do not accept late applications.

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