About Public Service

At the Civil Service Commission, we recruit for all types of careers. In looking through our job announcements, you might see opportunities for mosquito exterminators, engineers, medical records clerks, forensic scientists, aquaculture specialists, occupational therapy assistants, librarians, nurses, psychiatrists, and beyond. We update our website daily with new announcements, and usually have 30 to 50 new announcements on a weekly basis.

New Jersey 's public employees, day after day, deliver the essential services we have all come to rely on. Indeed, many employees often go the extra mile, and in so many ways, make life better for the people of New Jersey. A career in public service will allow you to be a part of making New Jersey a good place to live for you and your family.

Consider a Career In Public Service

If you are unfamiliar with careers in the public sector, finding the right job for you can seem somewhat complicated.  CSC's Nine Steps to a New Career will help you in navigating the path once you choose an opportunity that you'd like to apply for. First, however, you must decide what kind of career you are interested in.

One way to select an opportunity is to look through our Job Announcement Section, and see if there are any current available opportunities that fit your interests and background.

If you are looking to find out more about careers in the public sector, you may want to look through all of the different categories of career opportunities that the State offers. The depth and breadth of job opportunities within State government can truly be seen by looking through the below categories.


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