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For Immediate Release Contact: Jason Butkowski
September 14, 2018 609-888-7915


TRENTON – The Commissioner and staff at the Department of Children and Families has begun a months-long, statewide listening tour to connect with program participants that encourages and welcomes their constructive thoughts and suggestions.

The tour began at the New Destiny Family Success Center in Paterson on August 31 and is expected to reach every county by the end of November. Interested residents also are invited to submit feedback by email or parcel post. A final report – redacted to protect client confidentiality – will be published once all the comments have been sorted and compiled.

“As a service agency, we want to evolve our work and our programs to meet the changing needs of our clients,” said DCF Commissioner Christine Norbut Beyer, MSW.  “Who better to consult than the families we serve to advance our mission to empower and strengthen the family unit?”

“Staff at DCF is eager to hear first-hand how our work can continue to support and enhance opportunities for families,” added Commissioner Norbut Beyer. “We invite critics and allies alike to contribute to the discussion.”

The Commissioner noted that as part of her listening tour, she will be meeting with biological parents who are involved with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency; parents of children with intellectual or developmental disabilities who are served by the Children’s System of Care; adolescents and alumni from the state’s foster care system; recruited resource parents and kinship caregivers; recipients of domestic violence assistance, and more.

Due to the confidential nature of clients’ interactions with the department, members of the media cannot attend listening tour events. Prospective participants are being contacted through DCF’s Division leaders and various contracted or partner organizations.

Members of the public who are unable to attend a forum can submit written suggestions by email to or by parcel post, addressed to:

Commissioner Christine Norbut Beyer
c/o Listening Tour Input
Department of Children and Families
P.O. Box 729
Trenton, NJ 08625-0729

Feedback should consider the below prompts:

  • In which DCF services or programs have you participated and what aspects did you find useful for your family? What aspects could be improved and how?

  • Do you feel there are gaps in DCF services or programs? If so, where?

  • How would you change the system of child welfare in the State of New Jersey?
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