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New Jersey operates 29 air monitoring stations throughout the state, keeping track of the quality of our air. This is part of NJDEP’s commitment to revitalize our communities and protect human health.

PurpleAir SD card data processing app now available.

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What & How NJDEP Monitors

What pollutants does NJDEP monitor?

What pollutants does NJDEP monitor?

How does NJDEP monitor pollutants?

How does NJDEP monitor pollutants?

New Jersey has been monitoring air quality since 1965. Pollution levels have improved significantly over the decades as a result of state, regional and national air pollution reduction efforts. The graphs available below illustrate more recent trends in pollutant concentrations.

Criteria Pollutants

Air Toxics

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NJDEP reviews and edits the air monitoring data it collects, and at the end of each calendar quarter, submits that data to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality System (AQS) database. The data available on our NJDEP website has not yet been reviewed.

Reviewed Air Quality Data

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