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July 3, 2000

For more information contact:
Don Wilkinson at 856-785-0455

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish and Wildlife proudly presents the Habitat 2000 Landmark Series; the first collectible series of state duck stamp prints depicting waterfowl and public landmarks in the Garden State. As part of the Waterfowl Habitat 2000 Program to help preserve waterfowl and open space in New Jersey, the Division's Waterfowl Stamp Advisory Committee selected sites that were representative of public open lands where visitors can observe the species depicted in the print.

The series of three designs, featuring canvasbacks flying past the Statue of Liberty, tundra swans at Sedge Island and wood ducks at the Delaware Water Gap, was created by wildlife artists and brothers Joe, Bob and Jim Hautman. The Hautmans were chosen for the uncompromising quality and expertise displayed in their artwork. These three brothers are the only siblings to ever win the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp Competition and since 1990, have won it five times! The Hautmans are fast emerging as America's foremost wildlife artists. All three brothers have received numerous honors and awards, including dominating many state and national duck stamp competitions. At last count, the three brothers have seen their art featured on more than 34 state and federal stamps, and their unique family talent was mentioned in the major motion picture Fargo.

The series will begin this year with New Jersey's seventeenth waterfowl stamp and print set created by the eldest Hautman brother, Joe. This set will feature canvasbacks flying past New Jersey and America's most recognized landmark, the Statue of Liberty. This area is host to vast numbers of migrating waterfowl during winter, including canvasbacks, and plays a vital role in their survival during migration.

Bob Hautman will create the next year's stamp and print set featuring tundra swans at Sedge Island on Barnegat Bay. The scene characterizes the tundra swans' migrant visit to this small island located off the coast of Island Beach State Park. The Sedge House on Sedge Island is a natural resource education center operated by the Division of Fish and Wildlife. The island and the center provide numerous educational programs for groups and teachers.

The third year will feature the works of Jim Hautman. Jim will be creating an autumn scene of wood ducks at the Delaware Water Gap. Both resident and migrating wood ducks frequent the area from spring to mid-fall to benefit from its rich diversity of wildlife habitat. The Water Gap, along with the Statue of Liberty and Sedge Island is a public area of preserved open space.

An act of the State Legislature initiated the annual requirement of state waterfowl stamps for hunters in 1984 and the Division's Waterfowl Stamp Program began. The Division currently administers the program for the purpose of purchasing wetlands for waterfowl habitat. To date, proceeds from the sale of New Jersey's duck stamps and prints have raised over $3,600,000 to acquire wetlands for waterfowl habitat and public use. More than 11,400 acres of waterfowl habitat have been purchased or donated.

This year, in addition to the Landmark Series prints, the Division has added two new products; a limited edition collector knife for each year of the series, plus a limited edition Habitat 2000 Souvenir stamp card featuring three artist-signed stamps (one for each year of the series).

For more information on how to purchase a print, collector duck stamps or one of the new products, send a self-addressed, stamped legal-size envelope to the: Waterfowl Stamp Advisory Committee, NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, P.O. Box 400, Trenton, NJ 08625-0400 or visit the Division's website at and click on the products section.