Resolution 1986-12

Source Metering, Recording, and Reporting (Resolution No. 86-12)

  1. Each person, firm, corporation, or other entity whose cumulative daily average withdrawal(s) from the surface and/or ground waters of the Basin from any surface water intake, spring, or well, or any combination of surface water intakes, springs, or wells operated as a system, exceeds 100,000 gallons per day during any 30-day period shall meter or measure and record their withdrawals and report such withdrawals to the designated agency of the state where the withdrawals are located. Withdrawals shall be measured by means of an automatic continuous recording device, flow meter, or other method, and shall be measured to within five percent of actual flow. Exception to the five percent performance standard, but no greater than ten percent, may be granted for surface water withdrawals by the designated state agency if maintenance of the five percent performance standard is not technically feasible or economically practicable. Meters or other methods of measurement shall be subject to approval and inspection by the designated state agency as to type, method, installation, maintenance, calibration, reading, and accuracy. Withdrawals shall at a minimum be recorded on a daily basis for public water supply use and on a biweekly basis for all other water uses, and reported as monthly totals annually. More frequent recording or reporting may be required by the designated state agency or the Commission. 

  2. The following water uses and operations are exempt from the metering or measurement requirements of subsection (A): agricultural irrigation; snowmaking; dewatering incidental to mining and quarrying; and dewatering incidental to construction. Persons engaged in such withdrawals in excess of 100,000 gallons per day during any 30-day period shall record the pumping rates and the dates and elapsed hours of operation of any well or pump used to withdraw water, and report such information as required in subsection (A). 

  3. The following are the designated state agencies for the purposes of this regulation: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control; New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

  4. Pursuant to Section 11.5 of the Compact, the designated state agencies shall administer and enforce programs for metering, recording, and reporting of water withdrawals, in accordance with this regulation and any applicable state regulations.