Executive Order No. 2, promulgated by Governor Murphy on January 17, 2018, requires the annual filing of Financial Disclosure Statements ("FDS") by certain designated State employees. These designated State employees are subject to the casino-related post-employment restriction of N.J.S.A. 52:13D-17.2(c). The Order also requires that designated special State officers file FDSs, including members of boards, commissions and authorities and the New Jersey members of designated interstate or bi-state agencies. Pursuant to section 21(2)(n) of the Conflicts Law, FDSs required to be submitted to the Commission by law, regulation or executive order must be made available to the public, promptly after receipt, on the Commission's website. 

Electronic filing is mandatory for all filers. In order to file your FDS electronically, you will first need to obtain an Authentication Code. State officers and employees must provide their State email addresses. Special State Officers may use their personal email account.

FDS forms are in a fillable PDF format. These PDFs can be saved with Version 8.0 or higher of the free Adobe Reader Program. Instructions are available for both the officer and employee forms.







Last updated January 18, 2018