Photo of state employees during Ethics Training
Ethics training is now mandatory for State Employees.

Ethics training is mandatory for State employee and special State officers. Each State employee and special State officer shall either attend in-person training or complete the on-line training program every three calendar years.

Ethics Liaison Officers (“ELOs”) are encouraged to contact the Commission’s Training Officer to schedule training for their employees. We also encourage you to consider ethics training as a component of other regularly scheduled employee training. Subject to availability, the Commission’s Ethics Training Officer can provide ethics training as part of employee development workshops, staff meetings, seminars or new employee orientation programs.

Online training is also available for State employees and special State officers. The Commission has separate online training programs for State employees, special State officers, and State college and university faculty and trustees. The training module for State employees is available on both the Commission’s website and the website of the Civil Service Commission, through the Learning Management System (“LMS”). The remaining three modules for special State officers and State college and university faculty and trustees are available only on the Commission’s website. All of the online training modules include slide presentations and detailed narratives that replicate the substance of the in-person training programs.

Employees of agencies and authorities that have completed ethics training are required to receive the annual, mandatory ethics briefing in any year that they do not receive training. Employees and officers should contact their agency ELO for information about the ethics briefing. The briefing is also available on LMS and the Commission’s website.

Please contact the Commission’s Ethics Training Officer Susan Flynn-Hollander with suggestions for providing ethics training to your employees. The Commission is committed to helping ELOs and training coordinators deliver ethics training to their departments in the most efficient, effective way possible.

Last updated:  August 25th, 2022