NJ Department of Health


Report Confirmed or Suspect Cases IMMEDIATELY
to the Local Health Department by Telephone

Communicable Disease Manual Chapter
[pdf 226k]

Medical Management of Smallpox [Vaccinia] Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Vaccine Reaction Images

Evaluating Patients for Smallpox - Poster

Worksheet: Evaluating Patients for Smallpox

Smallpox: Clinical and Epidemiological Features

Guidelines for the Management of a Suspect Case Of Smallpox in Medical Care Settings [PDF 51K] [02/03/03]

Smallpox Vaccine for Hospital Health Care Response Teams [PDF 46K] [3/12/03]

Smallpox Vaccine Clinic
Training Presentations

CDC Pre-Vaccination Information Packet

Regional Map [PDF 1.2MB]

Guidelines for Maintaining Cold Chain [PDF 14K]

Normal Preliminary Vaccination [PDF 8K]

Preventing Contact Transmission [PDF 8K]

Identification of Smallpox Public Health Response Teams [PHRT] [PDF 10K]

Fact Sheet - Smallpox Vaccination: An Important Decision

Other Information
Smallpox Vaccination Plan [12/20/02]

New Jersey's Preparedness Smallpox Vaccination Plan Overview [PDF 30K]


Last Reviewed: 5/2/2016