Environmental Health

Private Well Outreach Project

The private well outreach project conducts targeted outreach and private well education to communities and neighborhoods identified as at-risk of having contaminated well water.

We use data sources and knowledge of geological risk factors to identify areas that may have contaminated well water.

View private well testing data in your community through NJDEP Private Well Water Testing Maps.

What happens after at-risk areas have been identified?

After identifying at-risk areas, we develop private well testing and outreach strategies in partnership with local community members, environmental commissions, school boards, township committee members, local health department officials, and others.

We also work with local health officials to conduct outreach initiatives, which includes sending letters to well owners and neighbors, informing them of their proximity to a contaminated well.

North Jersey Outreach Opportunities

Letters are being sent to a select number of well owners with a high gross alpha result tested through the Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) from 2018-2021.

Letters are also being sent to neighbors of those wells because they are at high risk of gross alpha contamination.

If you received this outreach letter you can register to schedule a water sample collection with a certified laboratory. Participation is FREE.

Register here

All individual level data is confidential.

*NOTE: Outreach initiatives are based on available funding

Learn more about this Gross Alpha project and how to reduce exposure (PDF).

South Jersey Outreach Opportunities

We are providing free tests to check for radioactiivity in private wells. This offer is available for residents who own private wells in eligible municipalities in South Jersey. Eligible municipalities include:

  • Atlantic County
    • Buena Vista
    • Folsom Borough
    • Mullica
  • Burlington County
    • Pemberton
    • Shamong
    • Tabernacle
  • Camden County
    • Waterford
  • Cumberland County
    • Deerfield
    • Fairfield
    • Greenwich
    • Hopewell
    • Stow Creek
    • Upper Deerfield
  • Gloucester County
    • Elk
    • Franklin
  • Salem County
    • Alloway
    • Oldmans
    • Pittsgrove
    • Upper Pittsgrove

If you own a private well and live in one of the municipalities listed above, register for the opportunity to receive free water testing.

We can only do a certain number of water tests. We will give priority to people who have NOT had their water tested before. After that, we will give priorty to those who register early.

Register here

Learn more about radioactivty in South Jersey and how to reduce exposure (PDF).

Previous Community Outreach Projects

We have previously conducted outreach projects in various communities around New Jersey. Please find some examples below.

Information for Local Health Departments

Training Opportunities

We offer annual trainings for local environmental health department professionals. Continuing Education credits are awarded during the training.

The training information will be managed and posted to the New Jersey Learning Management Network closer to the training date.

If you would you like to be notified on upcoming trainings, please contact us.

Previous Training Materials

2022 - Private Well in New Jersey: Building Local Health Capacity (PDF)

2021 - Private Well in New Jersey: Building Local Health Capacity (PDF)

Funding Opportunities

Each year awards ranging from $5,000 - $10,000 are available through SAGE.

Request for Applications are typically available starting October 1, and the project activity period is December 1-August 31.

Contact Us

If you need more information about our project or would like to participate in our training programs, please contact us.

Last Reviewed: 8/1/2023