Environmental Health

Camp Operators and Staff


Camp Operators/Owners utilize this checklist to prepare for youth camp activities this summer


  1. Review N.J.A.C.8:25 Youth Camp Safety Standards  

  2. Develop the required written policies and procedures as directed by the Youth Camp Safety Standards 

  3. Identify a physical site location where your camp will operate and host summer camp activities 

  4. Retain the services of critical staff like the Camp Director and Health Director

  5. Complete the 2022 Youth Camp Application form and email to youth.camps@doh.nj.gov 

  6. Licensing fees may be submitted by check or credit card online

  7. Contact the Local Health Authority located within the jurisdiction where your camp(s) will operate to schedule your pre-operational inspection 

  8. Spread the word about your summer camp offerings! 


Last Reviewed: 4/7/2022