Resources for Registrars

New Jersey’s Cancer Registrars are vital data specialists and our most valuable resource for cancer information. Visit our registrars page for additional information and resources.

Web Plus

Non-hospital reporting facilities may use Web Plus for electronic cancer reporting to the NJSCR.

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NJSCR staff will provide training on Web Plus. Please contact the NJSCR at 609-633-0500 or e-mail for assistance. For technical assistance, please contact

NJ State Cancer Registry

The NJSCR is a population-based registry, mandated by state law, that collects data on all cancer cases diagnosed and/or treated in New Jersey since October 1, 1978. It is a member of the NAACCR, the NPCR, and other certification bodies.

Cancer Reporting

All health care facilities, physician, dentists, labs, ambulatory care facilities and other health care providers that diagnose or provide treatment for cancer patients must report cancer cases to the NJSCR (see Reportable List). All abstracting work performed by a health care facility which diagnoses or treats 100 or more cases per year must be performed by a Oncology Data Specialist who is certified by the National Cancer Registrars Association.

All cases of cancer and other specified tumors and precancerous diseases must be reported to the NJSCR within six months of diagnosis, or three months of discharge, whichever is sooner. A cancer registry abstract must be completed for each newly diagnosed case. A separate abstract must be completed for each primary. A health care facility that fails to report cases of cancer electronically, as required by regulation, within six months of diagnosis shall be liable to pay a penalty as stated in N.J.S.A. 26:2-106.

FAQ on Cancer Registry

Form to Obtain Your Cancer Registry Summary Report

More Information About Reporting

Reporting Methods

Hospitals – ACoS Approved

All hospitals are required to report to NJSCR on a monthly basis and in the current NAACCR record layout. Refer to the NJSCR Manual: Abstracting and Coding Instructions for Facilities for detailed instructions on reporting to NJSCR.

Hospitals – Non-ACoS Approved

Abstract Plus is cancer data software, which is NOT certified for Meaningful Use, that is available free of charge for low-volume, non-ACoS approved facilities for reporting cancer cases to the NJSCR electronically. NJSCR staff will assist in the installation and provide training. The software is user-friendly and can assist your hospital in complying with your public health reporting requirements. Please contact the NJSCR at 609-633-0500 or e-mail to set up an installation (not applicable for Meaningful Use Stage 2 Cancer Reporting).

Non-Hospital Reporting

Ambulatory care facilities, radiation treatment facilities, physician practices and other non-hospital facilities are required to report cases of cancer and precancerous disease to the NJSCR electronically in the current NAACCR record layout. Web Plus is a web based application that is currently used for securely transmitting cancer case data to the New Jersey Cancer Registry (NJSCR). Developed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Web Plus is a secure web-based application designed for use by physician’s offices, ambulatory care centers, and radiation treatment facilities. If you would like to learn more about how to you can submit your cancer case data to NJSCR via Web Plus, please fill out the Web Plus Registration form and read the Terms of Use and Confidentiality Agreement which must be signed as part of the registration process.

Meaningful Use

Providers who need or want to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 criteria for cancer data reporting can register and learn additional information from the Public Health Meaningful Use site. Please note that Meaningful Use reporting criteria do not independently satisfy the requirements for reporting to the NJSCR.

Last Reviewed: 6/14/2024