What you need to know about screening

All babies born in New Jersey are required by law to receive a newborn bloodspot screen 24-48 hours after birth. Screening is an essential public health activity that strives to screen every newborn for a variety of congenital disorders and to connect infants identified with out-of-range results to timely and appropriate healthcare services. 

KNOW YOUR RESULTS!  Please check with your baby's doctor to find out your baby's Newborn Screening results. Results are often available as early as your baby's one week checkup.  If a repeat test is recommended for any reason, please arrange for it to be completed as soon as possible.

Health Care Providers

It is critical that practitioners be aware that newborn screening may not reveal all affected infants and does not replace a physician’s clinical awareness and diagnostic capability for the diseases screened and not screened. A screening result should not be considered diagnostic and cannot replace the individualized evaluation and diagnosis of an infant by a well-trained, knowledgeable health care provider.

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Last Reviewed: 5/16/2022