Your Guide to Health in New Jersey

For quick access to the most frequently sought services offered by New Jersey Department of Health such as ordering birth certificates, finding a health care provider and questions on how to pay for health care, visit our consumer guide.

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Family Health Line


This free hotline operates 24/7 and is available anywhere in New Jersey. Trained telephone counselors provide information and referrals for health screening and treatment. Counselors can respond to health-related questions regarding Division of Family Health Services programs and can offer help on a wide variety of other topics including:

• Addiction during pregnancy
• Cancer education and early detection
• Cardiovascular disease
• Cystic fibrosis
• Family planning and reproductive health
• Health education
• Immunization
• New Jersey’s system of Primary Health Care Centers
• Nutrition
• Pediatric primary care
• Postpartum Depression
• WIC sites

The Center for Family Services, Inc., in Williamstown operates the hotline with funding from the Department of Health. Hotline telephone counselors have access to an interpreter service that enables them to respond to callers in 140 languages.

Last Reviewed: 3/1/2017