Manage Your Medications

Know everything you can about any medication your doctor prescribes for you.

Ask Both Your Doctor and Pharmacist:
  • What health problem is the medication meant to treat?
  • How and when should you take the medication?
  • Are side effects likely? What should you do when they occur?
  • Is the medication safe to take with your other medications or dietary supplements, including any vitamins or herbal remedies?
  • Are there foods or beverages you should avoid while taking the medication?
Help your doctor, pharmacist, and hospital personnel manage your medications by:
  • Telling them about any existing drug allergies you have
  • Making a list of all your medications and dietary supplements, including vitamins and herbal remedies
  • Bringing your list with you whenever you visit your doctor, your pharmacy, hospital, or any other health care facility
  • Using the same pharmacy for all your medications, whenever possible
  • Bring all your medications and dietary supplements to your doctor’s appointment at least once a year.
Last Reviewed: 4/20/2016