Rulemaking at State Agencies

Rulemaking at state agencies in New Jersey involves the state legislature and an extensive public participation process. Learn more from our infographic (also available as a printable poster).



Legal and Regulatory Compliance publishes rules and proposed rules online to offer the regulated communities and public an opportunity to participate in the administrative rulemaking process.   

Interested persons may submit comments or information on a rule proposal until the date indicated.

The adoption becomes effective when the notice of adoption is published in the New Jersey Register, unless otherwise indicated in the adoption notice. Promulgation in the Register establishes a new or amended rule as an official part of the New Jersey Administrative Code.

OAL's New Jersey Register Publication Schedule

Disclaimer: Notices of Proposal are posted on this site by the Department of Health to comply with N.J.S.A. 52:14B-1 et seq. to inform the public about pending rules. The official version of any departmental rulemaking activity (notices of proposal or adoption) is published in the New Jersey Register or New Jersey Administrative Code. Should there be any discrepancies between this website and the official version of the proposal or adoption, the official version will govern. LexisNexis provides free on-line public access to the New Jersey Administrative Code and the New Jersey Register at

Last Reviewed: 7/13/2022